Crystallization technologies are bridges between drug substances (DS) and drug products (DP) enabling consistent and robust safety and efficacy profiles for small molecule-based medicines. In an effort to fully utilize existing tools and develop better methodologies for solving bottleneck problems, the second annual edition of the Pharmaceutical Crystallization Summit will gather top industrial and academic experts to discuss their work related to DS crystallization R&D and manufacturing, including:

Potentials and Technologies to Increase Success Rate of Polymorph Screening

Moderator: Dr. Alfred Lee, Merck

Overcoming Industrial Challenges in Implementation of Crystallization Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Kevin Girard, Pfizer

Realizing Regulatory Challenges in Applying Crystallization Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Burcham, Eli Lilly and Company

Development of a Green and Sustainable Manufacturing Process for Gefapixant Citrate (MK-7264): A Solid-State Chemistry Perspective

Dr. Alfred Lee, Merck Research Laboratories

What Solid Form Should I Choose?

Ann Newman, Seventh Street Development Group

Understanding and Controlling the API Form/Powder Property Risks in Drug Substance and Product Processes

Dr. Shawn Yin, Bristol Myers Squibb

Absolute Structure Determination of API Molecules by MicroED analysis of Cocrystals formed based on Cocrystal Propensity Prediction Calculations

Drs. Chandler Greenwell (XtalPi), Harsh Shah (J-Star), and Jessica Bruhn (NIS)

Examples of Particle Engineering to Improve Patient Outcomes and Product Manufacturing

Dr. Christopher Burcham, Eli Lilly and Company

Crystal Habit Modifications and Spherical Crystallization Design in Solution

Prof. Junbo Gong, Tianjin University

Challenges and Opportunities in Optimizing Mechanical Properties of Drugs by Incorporating Excipients

Prof. Calvin Changquan Sun, University of Minnesota

Dr. Jian Wang (J-Star)

Bridging the Gap between Drug Substance and Drug Product Processing via Co-Processing

Dr. Jian Wang, CfPC/J-Star/Porton

Kevin J Roberts

The Importance of Understanding and Characterising the Physical & Chemical Properties of APIs in the Digital Design of Drug Products

Prof. Kevin Roberts, University of Leeds

Continuous Crystallization and Purification: The Role of Impurity Incorporation Mechanism in Non-Equilibrium Processes

Prof. Allan Myerson, MIT

Co-Crystals Platform to Improve Physical Properties of Early Intermediates during API Manufacturing Process

Dr. Samir Kulkarni, Pfizer

Correlation of Solubility with the Metastable Limit

Prof. Ken Morris, Long Island University