Applications Scientist
XtalPi Inc.

Science is how I approach and analyze challenging problems, and coding is how I implement solutions. Through 4.5 years in a computational chemistry PhD program, 4 months as a NASA intern, 1 year as a quality control Scientist for a major pharmaceutical company, and 10 months performing quality control on orphan drug designations I have:

1. Developed and coded 2 mathematical models for predicting polymorphs of pharmaceutical crystals, both of which have been published in premiere scientific journals.
2. Developed a machine learning pipeline for predicting rocket trajectories from data cleaning and feature selection to making quantitative predictions.
3. Collaborated on a quantitative technology framework that is helping to change the way NASA plans new missions.
4. Reviewed documents whose accuracy and approval is associated with millions of dollars of funding for developing new pharmaceuticals.
5. Performed quantitative and instrumental analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.

I am passionate about using data to drive innovation and produce new technology that helps people live longer and healthier lives. I enjoy presenting new insights in front of a crowd as much as I love the focus associated with hours of intense coding. I will bring a collaborative mindset, creative problem solving, and a unique set of scientific and data analysis skills to any team at a tech company or in the pharmaceutical, health or biological sciences.