Dr. Shanming Kuang
Head of Center for Pharma Crystallization at Shanghai Branch, Porton Pharma Solutions; Senior Director of Solid Form Studies, Center for Pharma Crystallization, J-Star Research Inc.

Dr. Shanming Kuang is currently the Head of the Center for Pharma Crystallization at Shanghai and Senior Director of Solid Form Studies at J-Star Research. Shanming obtained his PhD in physical chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After a postdoc at Purdue University, Dr. Kuang spent approximately 20 years in the pharma industry with BMS, Roche, GSK, Crystal Pharmatech and J-Star Research Inc.  His tenure included managing solid state chemistry groups focusing on solid form screening and selection, crystallization process development, and pre-formulation.  His teams were integral in understanding drug candidate developability and ensuring projects were minimally impacted by solid state property issues. Shanming has extensive experience in developability assessment for more than 300 small molecule drug candidates and has published more than 50 peered reviewed papers and patent applications.